Supervised Visitation

The visitation is supervised by a trained professional, such as a social worker, therapist, or visitation monitor, who oversees the interactions between the parent and child. The supervisor ensures the visit is conducted in a safe and appropriate manner, intervenes if necessary, and provides a detailed report of the visit to the court or relevant authorities. This arrangement is often used in cases involving allegations of abuse, substance abuse, mental health issues, or high conflict between parents.

Co-Parenting Coaching

Co-parenting coaching provides guidance and support to separated or divorced parents to help them effectively navigate the challenges of raising children together, fostering positive communication, and establishing healthy co-parenting relationships.

Supervised Exchanges

During a supervised exchange, the child is safely transitioned from one parent to the other at an off-site location. Our trained staff ensures that the exchange is conducted smoothly and without any direct contact between the parents. Staggered pick-up and drop-off times are carefully arranged to avoid any potential conflicts or uncomfortable interactions.