Join Our Team at Bridge2Family

Why Work With Us?

If you're passionate about helping families rebuild and reconnect, Bridge2Family is the perfect place for you. Our team is dedicated to providing a professional and caring atmosphere for families in need.

Qualifications We Look For

We are seeking individuals with a strong knowledge of family dynamics, child development, and effective parenting. Excellent teaching, communication, writing, and organizational skills are a must.

Available Positions

Supervised Visitation Specialist

As a supervised visitation specialist, you will oversee safe interactions between non-custodial parents and their children. Apply your expertise in family dynamics to help facilitate positive relationships.

Co-Parenting Coach

Join our team as a co-parenting coach to guide separated or divorced parents in improving communication and developing effective co-parenting strategies.

Family Reunification Counselor

As a family reunification counselor, you will work to strengthen relationships within separated or conflicted families, helping them rebuild and reconnect.

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you're ready to join our team and make a positive impact on families, we encourage you to apply today.